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An obsession with butterflies

We are all fascinated about these tiny, colourful creatures that transform so much throughout their lives. This part of the class of insects in the order Lepidoptera have a conspicuous and fluttering flight that will charm those who will see them dancing through the air. Here are some of the most impressive butterflies that will make you develop an obsession with these creatures. Fascinating butterflies

The Blue Morpho Butterfly can be traced in the forests of Central and South America and it is one of the largest butterflies in the world. The bright blue wings have lacy black edges, but the undersides of the wings are dull brown and use as a camouflage against predators. But Dead Leaf Butterfly is definitely more impressive – it looks just like a leaf when its wings lay flat.

Greta Oto or Glasswing Butterfly is a brush-footed creature with transparent wings. If you are somewhere throughout Central America into Mexico, you can spot this unique butterfly whose tissue between the veins of the wings looks just like glass. Caligo is frequently known as the Giant Owl Butterfly because it features huge eyespots that resemble an owl’s eyes. Have a trip in the rain forests of Central and South America or in Mexico and you might be lucky enough to locate one of these unique exemplars.

However, The Monarch Butterfly remains one of the most fascinating fluttery creatures. Besides the fact it looks great, with appealing shades of orange, it also migrates up to 3000 miles from the Northeastern US and Canada to Central Mexico, where they will spend winter. They fly higher than most birds and they can even be toxic, if predators are daring enough to eat them. What other butterflies manage to fascinate you?

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